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PNG Prime Minister’s XIII Named

Due to the unavailability of the majority of PNG Hunters players that make up the core of the Kumul’s and PM XIII team each year, PNG have gone for a home grown squad with players from the Digicel Cup making up the PNG PM’s XIII

The team was announced by the chairman of the PNG Rugby Football League, Sandis Tsaka, accompanied by representatives of naming sponsor The National Gaming Board and Control Board.

The selections give PNG Kumuls coach Michael Marum a good look at the local talent and all players know that a standout game could mean a call up to the world cup squad.

Here’s the team:

  1. Brendon Gatuno (Vipers)
  2. Charlie Simon (Tigers)
  3. Dilbert Issac (Gurias)
  4. Eddie Dafffa (Lahanis)
  5. Jason Missian (Gurias)
  6. Joe Joshua (Tigers)
  7. John Andy (Tigers)
  8. Joshua Nani (Moiks)
  9. Junior Rau (Widmen)
  10. Junior Rop (Tigers)
  11. Karo Kauna Jnr (Hunters)
  12. Muka Peter Kulu (Hunters)
  13. Salias Gahuna (Hunters)
  14. Stanford Talita (Wigmen)
  15. Stanley Olo (Gurias)
  16. Timothy Lomai (Tigers)
  17. Tuvi Lepan (Gurais)
  18. William Mone (Hunters)

Coach: Stanley Tepend

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